Career Towards Success

Anyone who reads the biography of Frances Macaulay Forde will surely be amazed. She had a diverse background in poetry, children’s literature, film, and theatre. She is even heavily involved in organizing events in the community such as festivals and writing events in previous years. In addition, she became a host in Poet’s Center at Pages Cafe that welcomes new and established poets sharing their message. Each of us have our own decisions that we make in our life from the time that we reach legal age.

It is the same with Frances Forde. She decided to study getting a full-time university course even at the age of 48. That’s truly amazing! Not many make such a decision in life. She never thought about how other people would think of her especially at the university where she decided to study. She took a degree in B.A Writing. Moreover, she too a supporting major in Media Studies from ECU in Perth, Western Australia. And now, she achieved her dream as a writer.

As she became a writer, she could even travel to different countries. Her first book, ‘Hidden Capacity-a poet’s journey’ is all about discovering her own hidden capacities. Her message to everyone who want to achieve their dream is this: “It is never too late. You are never too old to chase your dreams or to expect romance and all the good stuff”. This is all true. If you still have a dream that you want to accomplish in life, no matter how old you are, you can do it!