Poems by Frances Forde

The first poem written by Frances Macaulay Forde is entitled “Hidden Capacity” which is all about a poet’s journey. She wrote many poems that inspire many. One of her poem’s says, “Heavy metal skies. / Cloud’s pregnant waiting time. / Releasing their juice, / shards of silver arrows fall. / Running rivers of relief”. This poem is entitled “Rain”. While reading this poem, you can also be amazed by the words used. Not everyone have the talent in writing especially poems. Words with deep meanings are usually used by poets.

Another poem that she wrote is entitled “I Need You”. This is about how you would also want to express your love to someone and that you need that person in your life. It is like a love letter in actuality. “The Bar of Grief” is also one of the poems that she wrote. This poem can be understood as a poem that talks about grief. Other poems that she wrote includes “My Life as a Sari”, “Lotto Life”, and “Love” are all her great and amazing works.

Her poem “Love” is written like this: “I have / taken your words / folded both hands over / then held them tightly to my heart / Have you?” Another short poem is entitled “Secrets” and is written: “I thought / of you today / and smiled but you / probably don’t want to know what I / remembered.” All of these poems that she wrote and were published give inspiration and encouragement to many not to lose hope. And most of all, her biography is a must read.