Frances Forde Biography

There are many talented people in the world. Actually, everyone received different talents. Some have a talent in singing while others are good at dancing. There are also some who are good at writing poems or do screenwriting and being a novelist as well just like Frances Macaulay Forde. Looking at her life including her past and current life, you will surely be inspired. In the early 1980’s, she was involved in film. After her career in the film industry, she switched to novels and writing for young children.

With her great efforts in writing, she even received awards. After being involved in theatre and community, she also began to be interested in poetry. Though she had suffered and her career in writing was affected before, she still found the man that helped her to have a change of circumstances. So, she got married and enjoyed writing more. She writes screenplays, poetry, and short stories full time. She even said that she is very lucky and finally living hers dream.

The “Rail Tales” is one of her popular works known as a poetry chapbooks. The book “Love” is another poetry chapbook. She had written many poems including “A Found Memory”, “Desertification”, “The Bar of Grief”, “Ideal Meal” and more. If a person is already a screenwriter, novelist, and a poet at the same time, he is considered to be a great person. Not many people have the talent to be a writer. But Frances Macaulay Forde is truly one of the great writers.